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About us. American Classic Toy, Inc.

American Classic Toy (ACT) specializes in applying new ideas to well-recognized products and in re-issuing classic American toys of the 20th century. These genuine classics are manufactured utilizing the products’ original molds and intellectual property rights. All products are brought to current safety and technological standards.

Examples of such wonderful products have included Evel Knievel toys, Fort Apache, Marvel the Mustang, Battleground, Jamball, Super City, Mighty Mo Vehicles, Robert the Robot, Suzy Homemaker toys, Howdy Doody, Mr. Machine, Johnny West, Krazy Kar, Green Ghost, American Classic Derby, Skittle Pool and Wonder Horse (TM). In the case of the SuDoKu Cube (TM), we applied the modern-day concept of the Sudoku two-dimensional printed puzzle to the original three-dimensional Rubik’s Cube (TM) introduced by the Ideal Toy Corporation in 1980 and we did so by utilizing the original molds from Ideal Toy Corporation with updated technological standards. Additionally, we followed the Sudoku Cube with Sudoku Slide and Sudoku Solitaire. These are just some examples and today we make these fine American classics available to the world market.  Finally, as part of our philosophy, we always welcome suggestions and feedback for new ideas and products.

Our latest release is the James Bond 007 Secret Agent Attache Case.