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NEW RELEASES on What's Coming in 2009!



Super Pool and Wonder Jet

Greeting-Gift Holiday Cube, Kiddee Kube


The Wonder Jet and Super Pool
Coming from American Classic Toy in 2009

(Flight simulator for kid/pilots ages 2 - 7)

Sebring, Ohio- Nov. 20, 2008

Light + Sound + Feel = ACTION!

Junior pilots will marvel at flying in the comfort and safety of their own home. When the pilot leans back, real jet take-off sounds emit from the speaker. As he/she leans left or right, the electronic sound of a commercial jet plane makes the turn. When the pilot is ready to land for milk and cookies, he/she leans forward commanding the speakers to emit real jet landing sounds, including “touch-down”.

The color coordinated Star-Base will keep The Wonder Jet on a steady course. The Wonder Jet (SKU#40605) has 5 Stabilizer Disks that can be adjusted to compensate for an uneven floor. The Telescopic Turret contains a hydraulic piston that can be raised and lowered so that the product will adjust to and grows with the child (up to 200 lbs.). The nose searchlight allows the child to light up the sky for a night flight. Red port and green starboard lights blink on the wings and tail. A built in vibrator under the seat provides flight simulated feel upon take-off, landing and random turbulence. The Wonder Jet runs on household current, is UL approved and has safety features such as a seat belt, lean-limits, and automatic shut-off when not in use after 60 seconds. Partial assembly required.


Super Pool (7-in-1)
(World Premiere on QVC-TV 2009)

BIG 30” X 60” True-Roll™ Pool Table, features the new Trick-Pool, Mandarin Chess, Bank-Bowl, Billiard-Bowl, Conventional and Trick-Bowling, also plays standard pool, card games Checkers, and Backgammon. Real pool balls, cue sticks, chalk, felt surface and rack. Includes 6 numbered stunts, one for each pocket, to play “Trick-Pool”™. (plays like miniature golf on the pool table) Also has a removable, reversible vinyl Multi-Game surface to play checkers, chess and backgammon on one side and bowling on the other. Bowling can be played as conventional bowling, or the new “Bank-Bowl” and Billiard-Bowl games, in which the player using a cue stick plays “carambola”tm off the rails of the table to bank the ball to the bowling pins. Use the rotational stunts to make bowling more interesting.

The legs can be removed for easy storage under a bed. Partial (no tools required) assembly; Includes everything you need. Full-sized child scale SUPER POOL! (SKU#50003)
Demo Video of the new SUPER POOL

American Classic Toy, Inc. produces classic American toys of the 20th Century from the original molds, to the original specifications, under the original intellectual property rights, updated for current safety standards, innovations, technology and trends. ACT is also the creator of new/original concepts for kids of all ages.













American Classic Toy, Inc.
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New Concepts for 2009

Sebring, Ohio Dec. 17, 2008.

American Classic Toy, Inc announces a totally new concept:
The Greeting-Gift Holiday Cube: For the price of a Hallmark Greeting card, one can purchase a holiday gift AND greeting card incorporated therein. We offer this innovation for the major holidays: Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter. The Holiday Cube is available in Retail Display for counter, wall, sidekick, or master shipping carton. Also in master shipping cartons that can be used to re-fill the display. Each unit will display all 6 sides of the cube for consumer convenience. See Holiday Cube Catalog page for more details.

And now for the youngsters, the new Kiddee Kube. Comes in an assortment of Safari, Fantasy, Shapes and Sports. Young children may now play the puzzle cube with familiar motifs. Available in master shipping carton or the Universal Retail Display.

For those that send greeting cards to family and friends, we have The Party Pack.
For under $9.99 one can purchase a pack of 8 appropriate mini Holiday Cubes. Give them to all – use them as a stocking stuffer.

American Classic Toy, Inc.

Jay Horowitz



Holiday Cubes displayed on the top shelf in the back
at the American Classic Toy, Inc. booth
for the 2009 Hong Kong Toy Fair.
Pictured are Merlin, Lica, and Jay Horowitz.



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