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American Classic Toy 2009 News

NEW RELEASES on What's Coming in 2009!



Holiday Cube == Kiddee Kube == Super Pool == Wonder Jet (now available)

Jay Horowitz and Merlin at 2009 Honk Kong Toy Fair



American Classic Toy, Inc. is proud to introduce a totally new concept:
The GREETING-GIFT: A HOLIDAY CUBE gift and Greeting Card in one package!

Click for larger image or print off your own copy (PDF)

The GREETING-GIFT comes in four different holidays:
Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter.

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Each Holiday Cube has 6 images. For ages 5 and up.

Also coming in 2009, Mini Holiday Cubes.
A pack of 8 appropriate cubes will be available for under $9.99 — the perfect stocking stuffer!


From American Classic Toy, Inc. comes a puzzle cube aimed to appeal to younger children:
The KIDDEE KUBE in an assortment of familiar motifs!

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The KIDDEE KUBE comes in four different editions:
Safari, Fantasy, Shapes, and Sports.

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Each Kiddee Kube has 6 images. For ages 5 and up.


SUPER POOL (7-in-1) will premier on QVC-TV in 2009!


The full-sized child scale SUPER POOL is a 30" by 60" True-Roll™ Pool Table
that features the ability to play seven different games:
Pool, Mandarin Chess, Checkers, Card Games, Bowling, Backgammon,
and the new Trick-Pool

Real pool balls, cue stick, chalk, felt surface, and rack are included for the many ways to play Standard Pool, Trick-Pool™, Conventional and Trick-Bowling, Bank-Bowl, Billiard-Bowl.
Trick-Pool™ plays like miniature golf on the SUPER POOL table. There are 6 numbered stunts, one for each pocket.

Bowling can be played as a conventional game of bowling, as the new Bank-Bowl or as Billiard-Bowl. The Bank-Bowl and Billiard-Bowl games use the cue stick to bank the ball off the table rails into the bowling pins. Rotational stunts make the bowling games more interesting.

Add Hockey and Table Tennis to SUPER POOL
and you have the SUPER POOL DELUXE (9-in-1) Edition!

The legs to the SUPER POOL table can be removed for easy storage.



The WONDER JET is a safe ride-on toy that simulates flight action for children ages 1 to 7 years old (up to 200 lbs.). The pilot controls the flight action by leaning back to take off, leaning left to bank left, leaning right to bank right, and leaning forward to land. Real jet sounds emit from the speaker, matching each position of flight. The Wonder Jet is lit with a pin-point laser light beam from the nose, allowing the pilot to light up the sky for a night flight. Red port and green starboard LEDs blink on the wings and tail.

The plane vibrates to simulate the feel of take-off, turbulence, and landing.
All electronically controlled by an internal, original design, Orientation Sensitive mechanism.

The action ride-on toy is mounted on a sturdy adjustable base. Five stabilizer pads level the Wonder Jet, and an adjustable Telescopic Turret has a hydraulic piston to adjust the height.

Click to view or print the full catalog sheet that gives more details
on this amazing new toy coming in 2009!

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The Wonder Jet runs on household current, is UL approved, and includes the safety features of a seat belt, lean limits, and an automatic shut off when not in use after one minute.


Price: $279.00
(Plus Shipping and Handling $35.00)

Total Price: US $314.00)


Contact Customer Service or
call 330-938-2000 on Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. E.S.T.
Credit card sales only.


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