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The mystic and lure of Astrology, and Horoscope have been around since the dawn of civilization. Over 3,000 years ago, the celestial heaven was divided by the Babylonians or “Chaldea” into twelve sections, each representing a sign equivalent to one month of the year. Every human being is born under one of the 12 signs. Today, more popular than ever, astrology is practiced in one form or other around the globe and here is a new puzzle cube with a Greeting Card.

There are 12 versions of the Zodiac Cube, each representing a different sign of the Zodiac on a puzzle cube. Each colorful side of each puzzle cube, displays one of the 6 astrological features:

  • the particular zodiac sign in constellation form,
  • its equivalent sign in Greek Mythology;
  • the corresponding stone;
  • the corresponding mood;
  • the corresponding planet; and
  • the corresponding characteristics: dates, element, pursuit, vibration, and secret desire

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Order #53099

For ages 4 and up



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