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Jay Horowitz

Inventor of the SuDoKu Cube

Jay Horowitz is the inventor of the SuDoKu Cube, which combines the tremendously popular puzzle game Sudoku with the dexterity and skill of the Puzzle Cube. Premised by combining two already established and popular puzzles, the concept of the SuDoKu Cube is playing the 2 dimensional Sudoku on a 3 dimensional puzzle cube. The SuDoKu Cube will be featured in Back to Basics and released in major stores, like FAO Schwartz this fall.

Jay is also the president of American Plastic Equipment, Inc., a company that has provided molds, technology, and machinery to toy factories around the world. American Plastic, the world’s largest mold dealer also holds the molds and rights of many of the well-known toy companies of yesterday. Among other activities, it is actively developing its Collector Series to meet the demands of toy collectors and nostalgia enthusiasts and the Classic American Games.

In 1982, Jay purchased the assets of Marx Toys, and in 1988, he secured the Marx Intellectual Property Rights including the patents, trademarks, and copyrights from the Chemical Bank of New York. Before founding American Plastic in 1978, Jay established Juguetes Toyco in Colombia, South America. The company prospered, becoming the leading toy company by being the first in Colombia to make modern toys, apply bright colors, create attractive packaging, use marketing techniques, especially the employment of television advertising. The company’s success was evident as branches in Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, and Chile. Jay also founded and was president of the Colombian Toy Manufacturer’s Association.

In 1985, American Plastic Equipment, Inc. purchased the assets of Ideal Toy Corp. from CBS, Inc. in New York. This lead to re-establishing, in association with Poof-Slinky, the Ideal Classic line of products.

Today, the mission statement of American Classic Toy, Inc. is to re-issue classic American toys, made from the original molds, with the original Intellectual Property Rights to the original specifications. In the present case, we are applying the new concept of the 2 dimensional Sudoku puzzle to the 3 dimensional puzzle cube as the SuDoKu Cube .

Jay has two children, a doctor and a mathematician. Born and raised in New York City, he attended New York University, School of Commerce.