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The 81 space area; nine spaces across by nine spaces down, subdivided into nine (3x3) Regions
The area reserved for a single digit
Nine single Aramaic digits
The vertical line of nine digits
The horizontal line of nine digits
The 3 x 3 squares within the grid
The numbers that are written in the grid
Potential Numbers
All of the numbers not in the line
Those potential numbers that are not in conflict in the cross line or Region and may reasonably become Definite
Once all other Candidates have been eliminated, the single remaining Candidate becomes Definite
The two-dimensional Sudoku puzzle is played in a grid of 81 spaces. Anywhere from 20 to 40 clues of numbers are written in while the remaining spaces are blank. The player must fill in the blank spaces by deductive reasoning.
In Kakuro, there is no set number of spaces in the Grid.
There is only ONE correct solution to each Sudoku and Kakuro puzzle.



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