American International Toy Fair, N.Y.C. 2017

Jay Horowitz

Dear Friends:
We look forward to seeing you at our BOOTH # 6955 at the “American International Toy Fair 2017″.
February 18 – 21 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City.
We are introducing our new “PROJECT NORTH AMERICA”!
A complete line of high-quality products at attractive prices!

Introducing: Project North America

PRESS RELEASE; Sept., 2016; Mexico, North America

“Project North America”:

The best toy companies of Mexico have teamed up to provide the best products including: new and original, standard, classic and unique product. Great natural advantages such as quick door-to-door 53′ trailer delivery in days rather than 40′ FCL in months; no port delays; we do not celebrate Chinese New Year; no language barrier; Central Time  Zone;  Easy visiting – even day travel.

Our extensive product line includes Games; Food Line; Science Line; Sports; Crafts; Playsets; Cosmetics; Educational; Dress Up; Beauty, Doll Houses; the American Classic Toy Golden Anniversary Editions of the original classics made from the original USA molds and rights; Complete line of Steel Tricycles; Plastic Ride Ons; Battery Operated Ride Ons; The original Mighty Mo; Baby Products; Strollers; Pool Tables; AND the American Classic Toy Wagon!
High Quality at Low Cost! Made right here in North America!

For information please contact Mike Berke, Sales Manager at tel: 732-972-2466 ext 101.

Jay Horowitz

 We export the work; not the worker!

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Bewitched TV Program with Wonder Horse

Bewitched TV Program with Wonder Horse

American Classic Toy (ACT) was formed to apply new ideas to well-recognized products and to re-issue the classic American toys of the 20th Century. These genuine classics are made from the original molds under the original Intellectual Property Rights, to the original specifications. All products are brought to current safety and technological standards.

Examples of such wonderful products have been the re-issuance of classic American Toys by affiliate companies or licensees as: Fort Apache, Marvel the Mustang, Battleground, Evel Knievel toys, Jamball, Super City, Mighty Mo Vehicles, Robert the Robot, Suzy Homemaker, Howdy Doody, Mr. Machine, Johnny West, Krazy Kar, Green Ghost, American Classic Derby and Skittle Pool.

In the case of the SuDuKo Cube, we applied the new concept of the Sudoku two-dimensional printed puzzle to the 3 dimensional puzzle cube, as made by the molds that manufactured the original Rubik’s Cube by Ideal Toy in 1980. We followed with SuDoKu Slide and SuDoKu Solitaire.

Today, we make these fine American Classics available to the world market.

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